Request Accessibility Review

Whether you’ve just gotten an accommodation letter and want to look for other ways to make accessibility improvements or you are just wanting to make sure your course is as accessible as it can be, we can help.

Click the button below to visit the One on One assistance form.  You will need to choose the Accessibility Support option.  In the details section, please indicate you would like a course accessibility evalution. When you have filled out the form, one of our Academic Web Accessibility staff or one of our wonderful Instructional Designers in DLI will contact you.  After you’ve placed them as an instructor in your course in D2L, they will:

  1. Place the Blackboard Ally course report tool in your course and run the course report.
  2. Review all of your content and assessments, including links to supplementary websites for issues that Ally does not detect.
  3. Share a brief report with you on their findings.
  4. Schedule a meeting with you to talk about what they’ve found.
  5. Help you create an action plan, if you’d like!

The button below takes you to the request form where you can request an accessibility review. You will be prompted to log in using your KSU credentials.

When you access the form, be sure to choose "Course Accessibility Review" for the "Request Type" question.

Take me to the One on One Assistance form