Common Technology Statements and VPATs

Accessibility statements, privacy statements, and VPATs for the technologies we use in our courses are essential to add to our syllabi and course information modules.  However, it can be hard to find them and we're not always sure where to look.  That's why we've put together this list of links to some of the more common technologies we use in our courses.

Some of these links will take you directly to specific documents and pages where you can find the exact statement you need to include.  Others (specifically publisher and product suites) will take you to indexes where you can find the VPAT for a specific product (such as Microsoft Office suite products, etc.).

If you would like to request that a specific technology be added to this list, would like help understanding a VPAT, are having trouble finding what you need, or have found that a resource here is outdated, please contact us through the DLI General Inquiry form.

To learn more about what these documents mean and how to use them, visit our accessibility statements and VPATs page.