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Why we Recommend Machine Captioning

There are a few reasons we recommend faculty use the machine captioning option in MediaSpace. The first is speed. By clicking Caption and Enrich in the Actions menu under your video, MediaSpace will quickly create captions that are machine produced and 85% or higher accurate. Depending on the length of the video it can take roughly half an hour to a couple of hours for your captions to generate. Other methods of generating captions or transcripts may take up to a week.  

To improve the accuracy of the machine generated captions to the acceptable 95% level, faculty will need to edit the machine produced captions. The UITS guide for captioning in Kaltura - MediaSpace can guide you through this process. This brings us to the second reason we recommend this process: editing the captions yourself gives you more control over the final product so you can ensure that technical terms, names, and any information that is specific to your course are accurately reflected in the captions.

The third reason is that videos of any length can be captioned using machine captioning, whereas professional captioning is only for videos up to 15 minutes.

Professional Captions Request Form

Professional captioning in MediaSpace is available for videos 15 minutes or less in length through Digital Learning Innovations.  Due to the increased cost of this service, DLI will prioritize requests for professional captions according to the following criteria:

  1. First priority is given when the request involves making accommodations for a specific student with an official accommodation plan that requires captioned media
  2. Second priority is given for videos 15 minutes or less in length when the faculty member is not making accommodations for a specific student
  3. Third priority is given for all other requests

DLI does its best to support all faculty seeking to make their course content accessible for their students.  To request professional captions, use the form below. If you need help breaking your videos down to 15 minute sections, view our instructional video, "How to Break Down a Longer Video into Shorter Clips."

If you are migrating your video content from Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, we recommend using the machine captioning process in MediaSpace first. 

Fill out the brief form below to request professional captions for your videos in MediaSpace.