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What is Respondus Lockdown Browser?
Turning Off Respondus Lockdown Browser for Individual Students
Alternatives for Quiz Security

What is Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Faculty teaching hybrid or online courses are understandably concerned about maintaining academic integrity in online testing.  At KSU, the Respondus Lockdown Browser integrated within D2L Brightspace is a great way to limit access to outside resources while testing.

However, the Respondus Lockdown Browser works by locking out all other applications while it is operating.  While this is completely reasonable in most cases, there are times when a student’s disability accommodations require them to have a separate application open, even during a test. A few examples of this are students who need a:

  • screen-reader app such as Kurzweil to read the test,
  • voice-to-text app allowing them to write without typing, or
  • word-processing app such as Word for spell-checking.

Unfortunately, there are currently no settings to allow the Lockdown browser to work with these accommodations at this time.  Because of this, students with official accommodations for these kinds of resources will require the Respondus Lockdown Browser to be turned off for them for their online quizzes.  And, due to regulations such as sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, Kennesaw State University is required to honor these accommodations.

Turning Off Respondus Lockdown Browser for Individual Students

If you’re not sure how to turn off Respondus Lockdown Browser, instructions are provided by Digital Learning Innovations (DLI) below.  Please feel free to contact DLI ( if you would like to explore other options for test security or need help with any settings described in this guide for Turning Off Respondus Lockdown Browser for One Student.

Possible Exceptions & Alternatives to Quiz Security

Students who use some applications for their accommodations may only need them for writing. Tests which are made up of entirely multiple-choice or true/false questions may not require the use of the student’s accommodating application.

Note: This will not apply to students needing a screen reader app.  

See our Enable HTML in D2L guide for detailed instructions illustrating how to turn on the HTML editor for a written response question in D2L

Please contact the Student Disability Services representative working with the student if you feel this exception might apply.

For faculty who are concerned that turning off the Respondus Lockdown Browser for one student will compromise the test’s integrity, one solution might be to include a Question Pool.