12. Using the Adobe PDF Converter

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KSU faculty and staff have premium access to Adobe Acrobat and can sign in to Adobe's online resources. One of resources can convert PDF to other formats, including Microsoft Word. Depending on the quality of the original document, there can be limitations to the tool's functionality (as the video attempts to demonstrate); however, this can be a great resource, especially for PDFs that are primarily text without images and graphs.

Download Sample PDF Open Adobe Acrobat Converter

Now it's YOUR turn to practice. Click the button labeled Download Sample PDF above to download the same sample PDF used in the video. Then, click the Open Adobe Acrobat Converter button to go to Adobe's site. Sign in and use the tool to convert a PDF to a Word document. If you get stuck, be sure to contact the Academic Web Accessibility Team or DLI for help.  When you're finished, you can go back to the index using the button at the top of the page or go to the next page using the button below.

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