Equidox PDF Accessibility Remediation

What is Equidox?

If you use PDF documents either as a faculty member in your course or in a staff role online and have tried to remediate those documents for digital accessibility using Adobe Acrobat Pro, we have some great news for you!  Equidox PDF Accessibility Solutions is a program designed to make remediating PDF documents for accessibility far easier and faster than working in Adobe.  And, as of October 2022, Equidox became available to all KSU faculty and staff!  

Equidox uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate much of the tagging process, while also providing a user-friendly interface which negates the need for the complex and time-consuming manual task.  Equidox makes tagging even tables and lists far faster, easier, and more efficient than before.  

The AWA staff in Digital Learning Innovations will be conducting multiple webinars on using Equidox over the rest of the Fall semester.  However, we also want to highlight training resources already available through Equidox itself here.  

Request Access

For access to Equidox, use the button below.  This will take you to the DLI help request form. Remember to choose "Accessibility Support" for Request Type and "Equidox" for Program.

Request Access to Equidox

DLI Training

You can also sign up for one of multiple DLI webinars on how to use Equidox!

Sign up for a DLI Equidox Webinar!

Equidox Login

Lastly, just in case you've lost the Equidox login address, here you go:

Login to Equidox

Equidox Overview and How-To Videos

Once you have access to Equidox, you'll also have access to an extensive Equidox user guide, with detailed instructions and videos.  However, we're including a few videos below just to introduce you to some of the features.  To see all of the Equidox training videos, visit their YouTube Channel.  

Equidox Training Overview

Getting Started


Tagging Headings

Tagging Tables

Tagging Lists